Main services


We’ll come to you and network troubleshoot and if needed a network upgrade or repair.
We will get your Internet and WiFi running perfectly, and we’ll make sure all your devices (like smart tech and or a new printer) are properly configured to run on your network.

Additional Services

PC upgrades and bespoke builds

Is your Windows PC getting slow? Is it crashing frequently or do you constantly find yourself low on space?

We have years of experience in all aspects of PC repair. We’ll run a full diagnostic to check for problems and restore your PC.

Plus if youi feel it's time to upgrade we can advise and even purchase that new fast machine and set it up to how you need it.


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Get those Gadgets connected.

Many of us have mobiles, tablets, Smart TV's, WiFi routers, WiFi printers, Smart bulbs, Amazon or Google Smart devices etc.... We can help set up all these devices so you can fully enjoy what these amazing devices have to offer.

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Data Recovery and Backup

Whether it’s your tax records, business documents or those precious family photos, it’s awful to discover that your data has vanished.

We offer data recovery, and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about losing your files again. There are many levels of data recovery and its very important in the first instance to contact us, if data is written to the disk after files have been deleted there is a good chance they could be lost. Please call as soon as you believe data has been lost and we will give advice and do our upmost to recover all lost data.

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Did you know?

Many Computer slow issues can be sorted by upgrading the hard drive to an SSD drive, plus adding more RAM too. SSD drives are non-mechanical, so the CPU doesn’t have to wait for a spinning mechanical Hard Disk to retrieve data.

Areas we serve

Based in Castle Camps Cambridgshire.

Camputer services, serves pretty much anywhere in Cambridge and surrounding towns and villages. We can come to you, or if you are nearby please feel free to drop of your troublesome IT nightmare and leave it with us, rest assured all will be well.


At Camputer Services, we are, like all of us, aware of the ongoing pandemic. All IT equipment will be thoroughly cleaned to the best of our ability, if we visit your premises, likewise all necessary precautions will be adhered too.